Does a FlashRouter or Support Plan Purchase Include VPN Service?

A subscription to a VPN does not come with a FlashRouter or Support plan. If you are planning to use a VPN, you would need to sign up for one separately, directly from a provider.

Need assistance in finding a VPN Provider? Please visit our recent VPN Provider Best Seller List.

Plug and Play VPN Support

Unlike other VPN Router providers, FlashRouters is proud to offer free VPN service integration with any purchase.

To receive a plug and play with VPN device, you will need to provide our team with the credentials from your VPN provider subscription.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not required but recommended for users who wish to have the simplest, most seamless experience when the FlashRouter arrives. You can always change the password when the device arrives if you wish as well.


To have your router VPN pre-configured, add your VPN username and password (in the comment section) during the final step of our secure checkout process. This way it will arrive as plug and play as possible.

Please note:  If you do not enter a server location request, we will automatically start the device with the closest/optimal server for the location we are shipping the device by default. A location has to be added to the initial configuration for plug and play encryption security to occur on the device.

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