IVPN Router Not Connecting - Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

IVPN Setup Help:

  • Tip: Make sure you do not have any IVPN application or client software running on a device in your network when you are trying to connect to IVPN on your router. A double VPN connection may cause loss of Internet connectivity. 
  • Troubleshooting: If you are properly connected to IVPN but still can not access certain sites or services you desire then we recommend contacting IVPN to see if they have a specific server address to input that will better suit your needs.
  • Tip: A single IVPN account allows for three simultaneous connections to their service. Your IVPN FlashRouter and all the devices connected to it count as a single connection, meaning you can connect as many devices as the FlashRouter will allow with no extra VPN configuration required. If you experience issues initially connecting to IVPN on your router, then make sure the FlashRouter is one of these three connections.
  • Tip: Make sure you are using the correct IVPN login information for your VPN account. The IVPN connection login is different from your IVPN website login. When you log into the IVPN website you will see your username appear under "VPN Accounts"

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