How to setup static IP Addresses on a Tomato FlashRouter

How do I setup Static IP Addresses for my devices connected to a Tomato FlashRouter?

If you would like for your devices to use the same Local IP Address each time they connect to the FlashRouter you will need to setup a Static IP Address for each device in the FlashRouter's Tomato settings.

In order to take advantage of advanced Tomato features like VPN Policy Based Routing, Bandwidth Monitoring, Access Restrictions, and more, it is important to give your device a Static Local IP Address. This way everytime the device connects to your FlashRouter it will be assigned the same address, allowing any special rules or settings for the specific device to stay in place at all times.


  1. Connect the device you would like to setup a Static IP Address for to the FlashRouter in the manner you will typically be connecting the device to the network (via wireless or ethernet) go to to the Status > Device List page. 

  2. Identify the device from the list and then click the Static button that appears underneath the MAC Address.

  3. You will be redirected to the Basic > Static DHCP/ARP/IPT page where the MAC Address should be autopopulated by the device you selected Static for previously.

  4. Check Bound To.

  5. Set the IP Address field enter the Local IP Address on the FlashRouter's subnet you would like the device to connect with each time.
    • Hint: The IP Address should always be on the same subnet as the FlashRouter's Local IP Address. IF the FlashRouter is set to then then Static IP Address should be 192.168.11.x with x being any number from 2-254.

  6. Check IPTraffic.

  7. In the Hostname field enter the name for identifying the device.
    • Hint: This can be set to anything you like but we strongly advise only using letters and numbers in this field. No extra characters or spaces should be used.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page when you are finished.
    • If you wish to add another Static IP Address repeat the steps again on this page starting with Step 1.

  10. When all your Static IP Addresses have been set click Reboot at the bottom left hand Tomato menu. It would also be a good idea to reboot the device that you setup a static IP Address for.

When the device reconnects to the FlashRouter it should be connected using the assigned Static IP Address each time it connects to the FlashRouter.

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