How To Setup a DD-WRT Guest Wireless Network On Your FlashRouter

Setup a guest network for visitors in your home that you want to keep off of your main WiFi network, or use it to create a VPN Guest Network in order to have simultaneous VPN and local ISP WiFi networks up and running at the same time. 

Please note:  If you wish to have the FlashRouters Support Team set up a Guest Network for you a Premium Support Plan is required.

Getting Started

If you have a Dual-band or Tri-Band router you can setup a Guest Network on any band you like. We recommend using the 2.4GHz network for your DD-WRT Guest Wireless Network so it is compatible with the most possible WiFi devices. 

IMPORTANT: Depending on the router model and WiFi band you are using, the wireless interfaces will be labelled differently. In this guide we used a Netgear R7000 FlashRouter. The virtual interface for the 2.4GHz network is "wl0.1". Note the location of this setting in the screenshot below.

If you are using another model or band this setting can be labelled wl1.1, ath0.1, wl11.1, and so on. Make sure when you get up to the bridge assignment section that you are using the correct guest network Virtual Interface.

Step 1

Go to the Wireless>Basic Settings page.

Click Add underneath your 2.4GHz WiFi network.

You will see a network named "dd-wrt_vap" rename this "FR-Guest" (or any WiFi name you like), and then click Save

Your settings should now match the following picture:Guest_Wifi_1.jpg
Step 2

Go to the Wireless>Wireless Security page.

To secure your Guest WiFi network you should use WPA 2 Personal/AES encryption. 

Type your desired wireless password in the WPA Shared Key field. 

Click Apply Settings. 

FlashRouter settings should now match the following picture:Guest_Wifi_2.jpg

Step 3

Go to the Setup>Networking page:

Under Current Bridging Table make sure the "wl0.1" virtual interface is appearing.

Remember, the virtual interface can be different depending on which router model and WiFi band you are using to create your guest network.

Below the Create Bridge section click Add.

Type in br1 in the Name field.

Click Apply Settings.

Your settings should now match the following picture:Guest_Wifi_3.jpg

Step 4

Still on the Setup>Networking page.

Scroll down to Network configuration br1.

Enable Forced DNS redirection.

Set optional DNS target as (we set this Guest WiFi up with OpenDNS, but you can use GoogleDNS or your preferred DNS server here as well).

Set the IP address to

Set the subnet mask to

Click Apply Settings.

Your settings should now match the following picture:guestwirelessstep5.png

Step 5

Still on the Setup>Networking page:

Under Assign to Bridge click Add

In the first dropdown select br1

In the 2nd dropdown select wl0.1 (another location where you must note the correct virtual interface for your Guest WiFi network)

Click Apply Settings.

Your settings should now match the following picture:FR-Guest2.4-Bridge.png

Tip: The router may take a few seconds to properly load the new bridging assignments.

If you do not see the same Bridging Table as in the screenshot, then click away from the Networking page for a moment, and then click back into Setup > Networking to make sure assignments are working correctly. 

Step 6

Still on the Setup>Networking page:

Scroll to the DHCPD section as the bottom of the page click Add under Multiple DHCP server.

Select br1 in the first dropdown.

Click Apply Settings.

Your settings should now match the following picture:guestwirelessstep7.1.png

DD-WRT Guest Network setup is now complete!

Your FlashRouter will now broadcast a WiFi network that is on a different subnet from your primary wireless networks. To verify the setup is working, try joining your Guest WiFi network and see if you have Internet.

Now that you Guest WiFi network setup is complete, you can segment visitors from your main WiFi network, and also set access restrictions, bandwidth monitoring, or other rules to apply only to the Guest Network subnet.

Additionally if you are a VPN subscriber, you can now setup 1 SSID for VPN and other SSID's for regular ISP connections or vice versa, using the OpenVPN client on your FlashRouter.

Troubleshooting Guest WiFi Setup:

- This guide has been created for all FlashRouters customers to get the benefits of a DD-WRT guest WiFi network in your home or office. Please remember that direct support from the FlashRouter Support Team for Guest WiFi setup is only available for customers with an active FlashRouters Premium Support Plan

- If you are having trouble connecting to your WiFi network then try rebooting your FlashRouter and any WiFi devices that you wish to connect to the FlashRouter guest network, this will often clear up any connection issues. 

- If you have setup the Guest WiFi network on a 5 GHz band, make sure WiFi devices are dual band compatible if you would like to connect those devices to your Guest Network. 

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