How should my computer be setup for a FlashRouter remote support session?

We strongly recommend using computer that has BOTH WiFi and Wired Ethernet connection capabilities. If you have a computer like a Macbook Pro with WiFi only, then you may look into purchasing a USB to Ethernet adapter in order to add in wired connection capabilities. 

Can you still support me if I do not have a computer with wired Ethernet capabilities?

Yes, BUT... Understand that the reason we need a computer with both WiFi and wired Ethernet capabilities is so we can stay connected to TeamViewer while flashing and/or making configuration changes to the FlashRouter.

The main need for a WiFi and wired Internet connection is if you are having trouble connecting your FlashRouter to the Internet or if you are having your router flashed for the first time. The Wireless connection to another Network is to keep us connected and the Wired connection is so we can access the FlashRouter on your network at the same time.

We can also work with you to figure out the best possible setup before entering a session if you are not sure. 

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