When can I get FlashRouters remote support?

What are your hours of availability for TeamViewer remote support?

Our official hours of availability for TeamViewer are 10AM-6PM EST Monday through Friday.

What if I can not make into a TeamViewer session during FlashRouters business hours?

Our support team is happy to work with you to find a time outside of normal hours to schedule your support session. We have agents that can be available early in the morning or late at night to help international customers or anyone who works during our normal hours. 

In order to receive remote support any time outside of 10AM-6PM Mon-Fri, you must contact us 1 business day in advance with at least 24 hours notice to arrange an off-hours session time. 

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    have a Linksys 1200ac flash router installed with Nord vpn.  The dedicated server I was connected to was shut down.  I don't have a clue how to reconnect to a different server.  Was told to change settings by Nord. Still can't connect.  Do I have to send the router back to you, or can you send me instructions to connect to a different server?  FYI, we're not very computer literate - that's why I bought the router with Nord pre-installed.



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