How to use your iPhone USB tethering for an Internet connection on your DD-WRT FlashRouter

Instead of connecting your FlashRouter to the Internet with an Internet Service Provider through a modem, you can use your phone service connection for Internet. This will allow you to create a full wireless and VPN network for anyone in your home to use as you like. Note that not all phone services support this feature.

This specific setup was tested on a Netgear R7000 with the DD-WRT build released on March 22, 2016. 

DD-WRT USB Tether Configuration Settings:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from a numbered port on the FlashRouter to your computer and access the router settings.
  2. Go to the Services > USB page and Enable USB and USB Over IP. Click Apply Settings.
  3. Go to the Setup > Basic Setup page and select iPhone Tethering from the connection type dropdown at the top of the page. Click Apply Settings.

IPhone Connection settings for DD-WRT USB Internet connection:

  1. In the iPhone go to Settings > Hotspot and Enable Hotspot and select Bluetooth and Wifi (you can also try USB only but in our test it worked with Bluetooth and Wifi selected).
  2. Plug in the iPhone USB cable to the USB port in the back of the router. Both USB ports should work.
  3. Wait 30 seconds after plugging it in and then power down the FlashRouter. Wait another 30 seconds and power the FlashRouter back on.
  4. The iPhone should then ask for you to Trust the device in a popup on the phone. Click Trust.

Verify your iPhone Internet Connection: 

In your DD-WRT settings you should see the WAN IP in the top right hand corner change from to a new WAN IP Address assigned from your phone. 

Connect to any FlashRouter wireless network, or through a FlashRouter numbered port and start browsing the Internet. 

You can also proceed with setting up a VPN network on your FlashRouter exactly as you would with a normal Internet connection. 

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