Should I be using my VPN provider's app or software when using a FlashRouter?

Configuring a FlashRouter for VPN is the best way to secure your entire home network through a VPN tunnel, but all VPN provider's also offer device specific applications and software to connect a single device to VPN that you may have installed at some point.

While this is a great solution for when you are away from your FlashRouter's network, if you are able to connect to the FlashRouter's VPN you should disconnect and close the VPN application or software that you may have installed on your devices.

This is due to the fact that if the device is connected to VPN via the application and also through the FlashRouter's VPN connection at the same time it will certainly cause issues with both VPN connections. You can only connect to a single VPN tunnel at a time and we recommend doing so through your FlashRouter when possible.

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