How can I speed up my VyprVPN connection?

How can I speed up my VyprVPN connection?:

Encrypting your entire network through VyprVPN requires considerable processing power and bandwidth. This is why you may notice speeds that are lower than your normal ISP speeds. Although the connection may be a little slower you should be comforted in knowing it is also fully encrypted through a secure VPN connection. There are still several ways that you may be able to improve slow VyprVPN connection speeds on your router. 

  1. Try out alternate server locations listed on our setup guides or on the VyprVPN website. The closest server to you geographically should normally provide the fastest connection.
  2. You can use VyprVPN Apps to view the ping time associated with each VPN server location. Find the server with the lowest ping time and then choose that server for your router connection. Make sure not to connect through computer applications when using a router VPN, but you can still use programs to view server ping times for optimal server selection.
  3. VyprVPN servers are usually entered as domain names e.g., however, almost all VyprVPN server addresses resolve to several different IP addresses. In order to find out the best server IP in a specific region you can perform an nslookup to obtain a list of all IP's associated with each VyprVPN VPN server. You can then enter each address into your router settings to find out which one works best in your setup. 
    • In a command prompt in Windows or Terminal in MacOS type in for e.g. 
      nslookup and then press Enter to obtain your list. 
  4. Try using alternate protocols to connect to VyprVPN.
    • In DD-WRT firmware you can choose between OpenVPN and PPTP connection setup.
    • In Tomato firmware, using the VyprVPN App for routers, you can choose between, OpenVPN 160-Bit, OpenVPN 256-Bit, Chameleon, or PPTP protocols. PPTP connections require less processing power than OpenVPN, which may allow for faster connection speeds. Although it is not as secure as OpenVPN you still get an anonymous IP address in the country of your choosing. 
    • In general if you would like greater security through VyprVPN you should choose the OpenVPN 256-Bit or Chameleon protocol. If you would like faster speeds you should use OpenVPN 160-Bit or PPTP protocol. 
    • Make sure you do not have an OpenVPN connection running at the same time as a PPTP connection. 
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