Dual Gateway on the ExpressVPN OpenWRT Router App

Previously unavailable on the ExpressVPN Router App, the Dual Gateway Setup has now arrived. The Dual Gateway Setup allows you to utilize the VPN and ISP connection with one router.

What the Dual Gateway Setup or Policy Based Routing means in essence is that you can select which devices go through the VPN within the router firmware. This allows you for example to use VPN to secure your work laptop and SmartTV but skip it on your AppleTV.

Not familiar with the Express VPN Router app? The Express VPN Router App – exclusive to the WRT line of Linksys models the WRT1200AC and the WRT1900ACS – is perfect for any beginner to expert when it comes to integrating VPN on their network. Using a simple, easy to follow interface, the firmware includes easy app-like VPN service integration with a server location drop-down menu. 

You can see more information about the Dual Gateway Setup on our VPN setup options page.

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