What are the differences in the DD-WRT builds installed on each router?

The DD-WRT build placed on each FlashRouter is dependent on the Flash[MB] memory of the router. Each FlashRouter has a different size, allowing for different interfaces. Routers with more Flash memory allow for Mega versions of DD-WRT to be installed, which offer a greater variety of router functions and features over the vpn-small version of DD-WRT.

Due to the increased demand and rapid rise of DD-WRT firmware, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to get a handle on which build or release is best for your router. We have tested many different variations (or "flavors") and chosen the most up-to-date and stable releases to accommodate a variety of customer needs.

If you are purchasing your FlashRouter for use mainly as a VPN-client router then you do not have to worry about DD-WRT builds. ALL of our routers offer this VPN client functionality!

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