What is Throughput and How Do I Improve it?

Throughput is the average rate of successful delivery of messages through a network. Simply put, throughput measures the speed of message delivery inside a network. If you think about it in relationship to networks and Internet connections, throughput defines the user experience. The key to a pleasing user experience is uninterrupted service and smooth data transfer.

In order to improve throughput,  you should get a router with more memory. If you notice that your network is running slowly due to congestion, you could probably benefit by upgrading your router to one with more memory. FlashMemory and RAM on a router add more room to prevent network congestion and improve throughput.

Most of FlashRouters' high-end units come with at least 8 MB of Flash memory and 64 MB of RAM which should be more than capable for providing for the average home users' or small business will need in the future.

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