When should I upgrade the firmware on my FlashRouter?

Is it time for you to upgrade your FlashRouter's firmware? While frequent firmware upgrades are not necessary if your FlashRouter is functioning without issue, we do recommend checking in every few months to see if there are new firmware builds available for your FlashRouter.

We choose firmware for long term viability, and managing updates once upgraded is much simpler than initial upgrade to DD-WRT or Tomato. TomatoUSB comes with Update notification.

Sometimes there are small bugs that are fixed between builds and sometimes the firmware gets a face lift as well as new features, so it is good to stay up to date for the best experience.

You can always message us to see if there is a new build available for your FlashRouter. Our Support Team would happily provide you with the correct download file as well as instructions to properly upgrade your FlashRouter.

If you have purchased the device through us, we offer lifetime response in regards to what firmware we are using on the router we offer.

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    Where do I find firmware updates?

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