How do I access my FlashRouter settings?

Recommended devices for FlashRouter setup:

- Laptop or PC with wired and wireless connectivity. You can also use a Smartphone, tablet, and any device that has wired or wireless Internet connectivity with a built in web browser.

Getting Started:

  1. Connect to a FlashRouter numbered Ethernet port or wireless network and then open a web browser (Recommended: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  2. Your FlashRouter IP Address if Type this into your browser URL to access router settings. 
  3. Login to your router.

FlashRouter DD-WRT Admin Access:
Username: flashrouter
Password: ddwrt

FlashRouter Tomato Admin Access:
Username: flashrouter
Password: tomato

Connection Tips:

TIP #1: While it is possible to access the FlashRouter settings through a wireless connection if needed, we recommend using a wired connection for initial setup and/or if you experience any access issues.

TIP #2: Wire from a numbered/LAN port on the FlashRouter to your computer's Ethernet port, do not wire from your computer to the router Internet/WAN port for router access.

What should I do if I can not access my router at

STEP #1: Verify your FlashRouter IP Address has not been changed.

Using a Windows or MAC device there are several ways you can check the IP address of your router if you are having trouble accessing settings.

1. On a MAC, once you are connected to the FlashRouter network, go to System Preferences and then Network and your Router IP will be displayed. Remember that the router will assign your computer a local network IP address that should also be displayed. It is not possible to access your router settings using your computer local IP address. For example, if you see an IP address of in your computer settings, this likely means your router is still accessible at

2. In Windows click the Start button and type "cmd" in the Run area and press Enter. Once a command prompt opens type in "ipconfig" then press Enter. This will display the default gateway/ aka the IP address of your FlashRouter. Again, make sure you use the Default Gateway address to access your router settings and not the local IP address of your computer that has been assigned by the router. 

Now access your router at the IP address you just discovered. If you are seeing an address of instead of for your router this could mean you have reset your FlashRouter to default DD-WRT or Tomato firmware settings and you can consult our router reset guide.

STEP #2:Checking for automatic Wireless connections. 

If you are connected to your main WiFi network and not the FlashRouter WiFi network you will not be able to access FlashRouter settings.

In some cases if you are connected to your main router WiFi at the same time as you are wired into the FlashRouter network, you will be unable to access FlashRouter settings. 

Make sure you are not automatically connecting to another router WiFi network when trying to access the FlashRouter settings. You must be connected directly to the FlashRouter network in order to access router settings.



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