Wireless Client Bridge - DD-WRT

Configure the Main Router:
In the Main Router check that address will not be used from any client (we’ll use it for Secondary Router). You’ll find that DHCP server will start the pool from (Default)

Note this guide assumes that your FlashRouter IP address is currently at before starting this setup. If your main router is located at an IP address of, you can follow the guide using as your FlashRouter IP address instead of 

Configure the FlashRouter:
1. Access your router at

2. Navigate to the Setup > Basic Setup tab and make the following changes:
Router Local IP Address:

Click Apply Settings. 

Now access your router at 

Now go to the Security > Firewall tab
- Under Firewall Protection > SPI Firewall change it to Disable and Click Save (Not Apply Settings yet).

Under Wireless > Basic Settings
Change Wireless Mode to Client Bridge
Change your Wireless Network Name (SSID) to match exactly with your main router’s SSID. Do not change any other settings in this area and click Save (Do not click Apply Settings yet)

Under Wireless > Wireless Security you must match up the security settings you have on your main router.
Change the security mode to WPA2 Personal and AES if that is what you have set on your main router and enter the same password you use for wireless access on your main router. Now click Apply Settings.

All you have to do is have the FlashRouter plugged into an outlet in an area where it can reach the wireless signal of your existing router. The FlashRouter will then create a different DHCP server that you can access through a wired connection on any open LAN port.

Client Bridge setup is only good for extending wired connections. If you would like to extend the wireless signal as well, please follow the included “Repeater Bridge” setup guide.

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