Wireless Repeater - DD-WRT

How do I set up my DD-WRT FlashRouter as a Wireless Repeater?

The following Wireless repeater setup is for Premium Support customers only and is ideal for individuals who want to increase their wireless coverage while still creating a separate FlashRouter network in their setup or if you are using a MiFi modem that is wireless only and would like to additional coverage and wired capabilities to your network.


  1. Go to the Security > Firewall tab
  2. Go to Firewall Protection > SPI Firewall change it to Disable and Apply Settings.
  3. Go to Wireless > Basic Settings click Add in the Virtual Interface area below.
  4. At the top, change Wireless Mode to Repeater
  5. Change your Wireless Network Name (SSID) to match exactly with your main router’s SSID. Do not change any other settings in this area.
    • Be sure not to include any extra spaces or characters. It should appear exactly as it does in the main router.
  6. Under the Virtual Interface area below change the Wireless Network Name to your main router’s SSID but add (Repeated), so you can distinguish which network you will be connecting to. Click Save (Do not click Apply Settings yet)
  7. Go to Wireless > Wireless Security and match up the security settings you have on your main router.
  8. Under both the Physical and Virtual Interfaces, change the security mode to WPA2 Personal and AES  (unless you know that your main network is using a different Security mode, then select the appropriate settings) and enter the same password you use for wireless access on your main router. Now click Apply Settings.

You should notice very shortly the WAN IP in the top right of the DD-WRT settings change from to a WAN IP on the same subnet as your main router.

All you have to do is have the FlashRouter plugged into an outlet in an area where it can reach the wireless signal of your existing router. The FlashRouter will then create a different DHCP server that you can access.

You should be able to complete any DD-WRT VPN setup and connect to VPN servers without any issues in this manner.

Any device you connect either wired or wirelessly to the Repeater network should automatically be assigned an IP address from the FlashRouter. If you connect through a VPN on your FlashRouter, these devices should be directed through the FlashRouter VPN Network. 

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