Dual Router Setup

For any user that wants to add in a wired and wireless VPN connection in their home, without changing a single thing with their existing router network setup then Dual Router setup is the solution.

Simply connect an Ethernet cable from any open LAN/numbered port on your existing router to the FlashRouter WAN/Internet port.


We set the FlashRouter with a unique IP address of in order to avoid conflicts without almost all known router networks.

Learn more about Dual Router setup in our VPN Setup Options area. 

Three router setup:

If 2 router networks and 2 virtual locations are not enough for your needs, it's possible to add in a third router network broadcasting yet another VPN location. A user in China could have options for Internet access through Chinese, US, and UK IP addresses all at the same time. 

As long as there is another available LAN/numbered port on the primary network router, you can connect another FlashRouter in the same way you have your dual router setup. You must connect the third router through your primary router, and not through a LAN/numbered port on the FlashRouter. 

This setup can be extended to add even more virtual VPN locations by adding in an Ethernet switch connection off of a LAN port of your primary router.

You can then connect as many FlashRouters as you have open LAN ports on your switch and setup a different VPN location on each router network. 

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