Wireless Access Point - DD-WRT

Configure the Main Router:
In the Main Router check that address will not be used from any client (we’ll use it for Secondary Router). You’ll find that DHCP server will start the pool from (Default)

Note this guide assumes that your FlashRouter IP address is currently at before starting this setup. If your main router is located at an IP address of, you can follow the guide using as your FlashRouter IP address instead of 

Configure the FlashRouter:
1. Access your router at

2. Navigate to the Setup > Basic Setup tab and make the following changes:
Router Local IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Local DNS:
Network Adrress Server Settings (DHCP)
DHCP type: DHCP forwarder
DHCP Server:

Click Apply Settings.

3. Access the router at now instead of

Go to the Setup > Advanced Routing tab:
Operation Mode: Router

4. Navigate to the Wireless > Basic Settings tab:
Wireless Mode: AP

5. Navigate to the Wireless > Wireless Security tab:
Security Mode: WPA2 Personal

6. Navigate to the Services > Services tab:
DNMasq: disabled
Local DNS: disabled

7. Navigate to the Security > Firewall tab:
SPI Firewall: disabled
Apply Settings.

Restart you router and connect via numbered LAN port on your FlashRouter to a numbered LAN port on your Main Router.

All clients connected (wireless or wired) to the Secondary Router will receive DHCP through Main Router (DHCP forwarder) network and all clients will have access to shared resource hosted on the Main Router.

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