IPVanish OpenVPN DD-WRT Router Setup Guide



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  • Michael Pelley (mpelley92)

    I have been fighting with OpenVPN for hours now, trying to set it up on the router, not over each device. I have fooled around with many different settings, all to no avail. This guide gave me some insight onto more settings to change, but still, nothing.

    IPVanish website directions are old and probably meant for older versions of DD-WRT.

    I'm using version v3.0-r30949 std. I go to the Status-OpenVPN page and see no information being shown besides for the bottom "Clientlog", which gives me this information:

    ca /tmp/openvpncl/ca.crt management 16 management-log-cache 100 verb 3 mute 3 syslog writepid /var/run/openvpncl.pid client resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun script-security 2 dev tun1 proto tcp-client cipher aes-256-cbc auth sha256 auth-user-pass /tmp/openvpncl/credentials remote yvr-c01.ipvanish.com 443 comp-lzo adaptive tun-mtu 1500 mtu-disc yes tun-ipv6 persist-key persist-tun persist-remote-ip keysize 256 tls-remote yvr-c01.ipvanish.com script-security 3 system

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