NordVPN Router Not Connecting - Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

NordVPN Setup Help:

  • Tip:  Make sure you are using the correct hash algorithm (SHA1 vs SHA512) in your OpenVPN settings. You can find a list in our NordVPN OpenVPN Setup guides for DD-WRT and Tomato.
  • Troubleshooting: Verify your username and password are correct; this is the most common setup error. In order to do this visit the NordVPN website and login to the your account. Once you have verified a successful login on the NordVPN website enter the login information router's VPN settings.
  • Tip: Make sure you do not have any NordVPN application or client software running on a device in your network when you are trying to connect to NordVPN on your router. A double VPN connection may cause loss of Internet connectivity.
  • Trick: NordVPN uses domain names and IP Addresses as their server locations. If you are experiencing disconnect issues try using the IP Address version of the server you would like to connect to found in the .ovpn file outlined in the NordVPN Setup Guide instead of the domain name.
  • Tip: When changing servers make sure that you are also updating the TLS-Auth Key and Certificate Authority. Finding this information and where to put is located in our NordVPN Setup Guide.
  • Trick: In heavily censored regions, NordVPN recommends using the OpenVPN UDP protocol over port 1194 rather than the TCP protocol over port 443 for increased connectivity and stability. When a specific protocol is resulting in issues trying the other Protocol and Port is always a good idea. 

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