How do I setup a DD-WRT VPN Guest Network?




  • Vhknight1

    Ok I followed the first 2 requirements you posted. So all my wireless signals including wired are connected to the VPN. Now when I put the policy based routing to the 192.168.12.x numbers you have posted there, my guest VPN signal no longer works. I can connect to it but no internet. My other signals still have internet access just not the “guest VPN” signal. I restarted the router afterwards and my devices, but still nothing.

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  • FlashRouters - Support

    Have you tried to Disable Shortcut Forwarding on the Setup > Basic Setup page in your DD-WRT router settings?

    If not, Disable, then click Apply Setting and reboot your router. Now check again to see if your Policy Routing rules are working. 

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