How do I change my router local IP address in DD-WRT?

Make sure you are connected via wired or wireless to your router network. Access your router settings in any browser and then navigate to the Setup > Basic Setup tab. 

Scroll down the page and you will see the Router IP section. 

The Local IP Address field is your router IP address used to access your router settings in any web browser when you are connected via wired or wireless.

FlashRouters sets all routers to an IP address of to avoid conflicts with many known existing router networks. 

If you reset your FlashRouter to default settings the router IP address will change to 

In many Dual Router Setups this IP address will be the same as your main router or modem/router and so we recommend changing your router IP address back to or any other address different from the default setting of 

Unless you are an advanced user with a specific setup in mind avoid changing your FlashRouter IP address to any address on the subnet. Changing the third digit in this router IP address string, to for example, will create a different subnet for the FlashRouter network to avoid any conflict when connecting with your main network. 

Set your IP address in the Local IP Address field on the Setup > Basic Setup page then scroll down and click Apply Settings. 

Note that after changing your IP address you will need to refresh the connection for any devices that are connected to the router. The easiest way to do this is to simply turn the device and/or your router off then back on so that all devices establish a new connection. 

Now you can access your settings through any connected devices at the new IP address you have just assigned. 

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