Why Are Your Routers So Expensive?




  • Dennis Milbrath

    I bought a router that had been flashed with DD-WRT and then had my old router remotely flashed. The remote flashing was painless and humbling as I watched the changes being made.

    It's been over six months and i'm very pleased with the value of the purchased router and the remote flashing. No issues at all.

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  • David Orriss Jr

    To anyone who has an issue with FlashRouters and their support and prices I say; "Try getting immediate US-based technical support from Netgear.. good luck with that one".

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  • jo

    le probleme est le suivant, grace aux puttains de directives EU je n'arrive plus à rejoindre la communauté Francophone ou à paramétrer la traduction et donc, comme je ne parle pas un mot d'anglais, je ne comprends absolument pas les posts transmis!!!

    Vous m'en voyez navré, mais je suis une buse en langue et en nouvelles technologies, mon domaine c'est la construction, je suis donc un manuel!!!

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