Is This Router Compatible With My ISP/Current Router?

FlashRouters are compatible with all Internet Service Providers. If you have a modem router from your ISP, you can easily use it alongside a FlashRouter in a Dual Router Setup.

In a Dual Router Set Up, you would use your current router or modem router to connect to your local ISP while using a FlashRouter to connect to your VPN. This is recommended as you will not overhaul your network with a new router, and you will be able to use your selected VPN service on the devices you wish to use it with.

The Dual Router Set Up would result in the creation of two networks, which can be seen as the "Local Network" and the "FlashRouter Network". All devices connected to the FlashRouter Network will go through the VPN service.

For any device you would prefer to use without a VPN, you can connect to the local network. The chain of devices would be connected from LAN to WAN, with your current router connected to the FlashRouter via Ethernet cable. Selecting which network your device will be using (wired or wireless) will determine if it is going through the VPN or not.

You can find out more about this option on our Dual Router Setup Info.

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