What Is The Best VPN For Netflix?

Netflix has been blocking VPN server locations lately. It's a common problem. There are some VPN providers that have had success regarding avoiding/bypassing these blocks. 

One such service is ExpressVPN. They offer unlimited bandwidth and speed as well fantastic customer service.

Another service is NordVPN. They are a very popular VPN provider for streaming.

There is also VanishedVPN which specifically advertises that it works with Netflix.

We have heard of these providers working so far, but that does not mean they will continue to work with Netflix. This is why, regardless of the VPN provider you choose, we recommend that you contact the VPN provider before signing up with them to ensure that they are unblocked by Netflix or that they have a workaround.

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    Unfortunately, nordvpn does not work for me. I always get that message that poxy/vpn is detected in Netflix. Expressvpn works very slow, i can access netflix however it buffers a lot. Not impressed at all. I haven't tried vanishedvpn yet though.

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    I have a flashed linksys router. Works great thanks. However, the pointof this router is to protect all devices in the house in one place. But when I try to watch Amazon Prime or Netfix, I get blocked and have to remove the VPN. Is there a workaround for this? I'm using ExpressVPN. 

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