How Much Does Shipping Cost?




  • Jerry H Hutapea

    Yes I do require a remote support. I will make an appt upon receiving the router.

    How to check if my item is shipped? 

    How to track shipping of item?

  • Jerry H Hutapea

    BTW my shipping address is a Singapore address.

    I am awaiting from you the shipping details. 

  • Jerry H Hutapea

    looking at my orders I notice I have purchase two support plans. I do not see clearly if I have purchased a flash router? It could be a mistake on my part.

    Can you clarify by actual itemise breakdown of each item that I purchased and amount.

    Can my Shipping invoice only reflect Router (hardware only price) & plus shipping amount. I may be able to save on GST (goods & service tax)

    I tried to view the shipping charges and not able to. What is the cost to Singapore?


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