How can I use the Keep Alive feature to make sure my VPN connection is always running in my router?

If a VPN connection drops due to an inactivity timeout or for any other reason, a reboot may be required to restore the VPN connection on the router. 

In DD-WRT and Tomato firmware there is a feature that allows your router to monitor the active connection and will reboot on its own in order to immediately restore connectivity in case a connection drop is ever detected. 

Keep Alive with DD-WRT Firmware:

Go to the Administration > Keep Alive page and enable WDS/Connection Watchdog. Enter 300 for the Interval and as the IP Address.

Click Apply Settings and then navigate to the Administration > Management page and click Reboot Router.

Keep Alive with TomatoUSB Firmware:

Go to VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client > Client 1 > Advanced tab section and in the Custom Configuration box, add a separate line at the end of any other content already in the field with the following:
keepalive 10 60
Click Save.

This feature works by pinging Google DNS or checking for connection activity on servers to make sure the router is up and running with a full Internet connection.

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    Followed instructions.  Verified purevpn username/password is the correct one they sent me at time of setup.  IP address is still showing up as my authentic one.


    instructions say I should see SUCCESS on the Services/VPN page.  I still do not.

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