Accessing the FlashRouters Privacy App




  • Wayne

    I was told all I had to do was just turr it on and everything would work and it don't so I need to send it back

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  • Michael Clark

    Agree, same here, mine is just a regular router connecting to the internet, no VPN whatsoever....

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  • Quintus Yao Doamekpor

    Turn off and on the router then try to connect the VPN, it will work. You first need to log into the vpn platform with your VPN user name and password. I have been enjoying mine in China for about year now and it working fine but in fact flashrouter must add more VPN services to the privacy app because there are some cons working in China but they are not in the privacy app. Sometimes we have blockages and we have to switch to other vpns that connecting but they are not in the privacy app. Ibvpn, vyper, bvpn, zoogvpn, and many others need to be added. I don't know why flash router doesn't want to add all vpns

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