Policy Routing for Websites and Host IP's

  • Set specific rules for routing websites or host IP's through your VPN or ISP. Be aware that routing rules must be set before you connect to VPN or the section will be locked. Enter your list of websites or host IP Addresses separated by comma (e.g. google.com , whatismyipaddress.com)
  • Note that if you have selected VPN Bypass for a device, it will override any website or host rules you set. That means that even if you have a website listed to go through VPN, then the website will still go through your local ISP on the VPN Bypass device.
  • Click on the FlashRouters Privacy App button in the top left hand corner of the App and then click Options to view this page.
  • Click Apply after making your changes.


  • Note: This feature does not work for sites or services that resolve to multiple domains like Netflix, Amazon, or many other popular streaming services. If you need to bypass VPN for one of these services the you can use the Policy Routing by Device feature for a dedicated streaming devices connected through your Local ISP.
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