What should I do if my FlashRouters Privacy App will not connect?

  • The FlashRouters Privacy App has several internal messages that make troubleshooting the connection very simply for all users.
    • If you enter the incorrect VPN username and password into the fields you will see an Authentication Failed check your VPN login" message appear at the top of the page.
    • At this time there are certain special characters that the router reads as commands when entered as a password that despite being the correct login will produce an "Authentication Failed message as well. In this instance please change your VPN password in your VPN account area to include only letters and numbers only and then enter the new password into the FlashRouters Privacy App.
    • VPN servers can sometimes drop their connection and become unavailable to establish a new connection. If you try connecting to a VPN server that is currently offline a "Server is down" message will appear. You can use the Connect page to select a different VPN server from the dropdown.
    • If you are still unable to connect, click Logs on the Connect page of the FlashRouters Privacy App and click Reset and try connecting once again.
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